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Amazing work, excellent service! I can't say enough good things about the quality!!!! Use him for your next case! His work will help you add value to your patient's lives!!! Stop wasting your time with subpar labs... Call Bart now!


Dr. Michael Gagaoudakis, DMD




Bart is by far the best dental lab technician that I have worked with since starting in the field of dentistry almost 10 years ago. His attention to detail is superior to any other dental lab that I have used and I have yet to receive any type of prosthesis from him that was no praised by the patient. He is cutting edge when it comes to his ability to make a prosthesis appear natural in the patient's mouth and he is always looking for ways to improve his outcomes. I had yet to experience a patient crying for joy when they received their full dentures until I delivered cases that Bart had fabricated. I would give Bart my full recommendation when it comes to his ability to fabricate dental removable prostheses and I would put his results up against anybody else in the business.


Dr. Donny Christiansen, DMD




Excellence!  That's the best single word to describe the prosthetics and service we've received from Hyde Dental. Patients are so breath taken by how natural the full dentures look. Personally, I'm impressed with the consistency of form, function and minimal adjustments required with each case. For almost 5 years since I've been in practice in Nevada, they have been extremely timely and professional with our cases; whether its a one tooth provisional or full upper and lower dentures. There have been multiple occasions that I've sent an aged discolored denture for reline and it comes back looking brand new. Without reservation, I recommend Hyde Dental Prosthetics.


Dr. Cary Jaques, DDS


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