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Denture Services

Prodigy HD Denture

The Prodigy HD is a denture that is born from the trained hands and skilled eyes of a dedicated technician and artist using the best techniques, materials, and detail to provide unsurpassable esthetics, function and durability. Much like a great chef chooses the best ingredients we choose the finest quality resins and teeth to fabricate a beautiful, natural-looking denture that will be tailor-made to blend beautifully and function properly. To be more specific, we use the highest quality porcelain, composite or double-cross linked pmma teeth on the market. We then carefully hand select the best tooth mould for the individual based on size and shape, often times looking through many manufacturers to find the perfect moulds. Denture base resins are of the highest quality the gingival tones are carefully placed and layered to produce an extremely natural appearance. The denture is processed with super hi-impact denture resin for maximum color stability and strength. The Prodigy HD is processed using closed flask injection for the best accuracy there is, it is then heat cured for maximum quality and durability. The Prodigy HD will surely leave your patients satisfied. 

Essence HD Denture

The Essence HD is a great denture made from the finest PMMA denture teeth on the market. Each tooth is skillfully chosen to best fit the patient, using three to four mould guides until the perfect size and shape is found. The denture is fabricated using the same super high- impact denture resin as the Prodigy HD, however it is a monolithic denture base. The denture is carefully processed with the press packing or injection technique and heat cured for quality and durability. 

Age Appropriate Prosthetics

The Prodigy HD can also be modified resulting in a natural, age appropriate prosthetic. We use techniques to stain individual or multiple teeth to give each denture tooth its own individuality much like natural teeth have. With age appropriate prosthetics the idea is to make teeth that have been gracefully aged, matching what natural teeth would look like. We can add Gold inlays, fillings, staining, craze lines, cracks, and wear facets. We are only limited by our imaginations when it comes to age appropriate prosthetics. 

Ivocap closed-flask continuous injection
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