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"I have been in the dental prosthetics business for over half my life.  It is my passion, changing people's appearance and giving them confidence to live a normal life ."  Bart Hyde

Bart started on his path at the age of 17.  He knew then that the perfect combination of art and mechanics were the right fit for him.  And that a beautiful smile was the key.

"I have worked in this profession in many different capacities.  From being a model person, just learning the ropes, to becoming part owner at a small 20 person lab, and finally coming to the place I am now, founder and current owner of the small business, Hyde Dental Prosthetics."


Hyde Dental Prosthetics, family owned and operated for over 13 years, is here to serve all of your removable and implant needs.  We pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail.   We know the value of your time and we hope we can cut your appointment time and needs in half, therefore filling your schedule with more patients.


I pride myself on making people look and feel confident again restoring their individual smile that is hormonious with the individual's face and features.  I avoid the cookie cutter look even in the most "cosmetic cases",  this is something that takes years and experience to develop.  I have spent most of my career studying and learning how this can be achieved and really take each case as a fun opportunity to restore people's confidence in their smile,  just because a person has prosthetic teeth doesn't mean they need to look fake.  The clients I work with share the same principles and passion to achieve the best results possible.  They are committed to provide the competency and information it takes to acheive these results.  I work with clients from coast to coast and anywhere in between that are respectfully willing to do whatever it takes to deliver a great restoration that they are proud to stand behind.  Helping You Deliver Excellence is our goal and our commitment.

In 2014  Bart placed first in the North American KunstZahnWerk "Art of Denture" competition over all other competitors from this nation and Canada. 

In 2017 Bart placed second place in the Panthera Master Cup.  The master cup only accepts a small number of hand chosen applicants to compete from the world.  Bart was honored to be chosen and very Pleased with his finish. 

In 2017 at the American Prosthodontics society meeting, Bart and Hunter Dawson DMD took a second place finish using a new concept for treating an edentulous patient.   Using precision implant planning and revolutionary high performance polymers to give a patient a one of a kind treatment.

 We are currently accepting loyal clients who appreciate high quality and are looking to deliver amazing cases through teamwork and communication. 

Helping You Deliver Excellence

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